> In parallel (before and after Mira) we've had the older isatest. I don't
> know if Mira ever had the ambition to replace isatest, but Jenkins tried
> to do all that and failed. This was the start of my great worries about
> the Isabelle administration and release infrastructure ...

So, you're just going to unilaterally declare that it all failed and we
should take your word for that?

The cliché that "Jenkins did X" is getting a bit old. At least be honest
and say my name, because it is me who built up that infrastructure. (Not
without external input, constraints, and requirements, but still.)

Finally, let me make one thing very clear: I strongly object to this
passive-aggressive attitude (not just about Jenkins, even). I have
little interest in arguing if there's not even a trace of mutual
understanding and charity.
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