On 24/04/17 18:10, Lars Hupel wrote:
>> In parallel (before and after Mira) we've had the older isatest. I don't
>> know if Mira ever had the ambition to replace isatest, but Jenkins tried
>> to do all that and failed. This was the start of my great worries about
>> the Isabelle administration and release infrastructure ...
> So, you're just going to unilaterally declare that it all failed and we
> should take your word for that?

I am speaking as a "customer", i.e. the one responsible for certain
administrative tasks.

The old isatest was part of that and slowly falling into decay. You
proposed a new project based on Jenkins, and we spent a lot of time
discussing that to get to a point where it could eventually replace
isatest. The new project did not meet these requirements. In that sense
it failed.

See again the somewhat arbitrary entry point


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