Hi Herbert,

Changes v9:
- remove ctx->inflight (implies remove of associated finish wait queue)

With the changes, you will see a lot of code duplication now
as I deliberately tried to use the same struct and variable names,
the same function names and even the same oder of functions.
If you agree to this patch, I volunteer to provide a followup
patch that will extract the code duplication into common

Please find attached memory management updates to

- simplify the code: the old AIO memory management is very
  complex and seemingly very fragile -- the update now
  eliminates all reported bugs in the skcipher and AEAD
  interfaces which allowed the kernel to be crashed by
  an unprivileged user

- streamline the code: there is one code path for AIO and sync
  operation; the code between algif_skcipher and algif_aead
  is very similar (if that patch set is accepted, I volunteer
  to reduce code duplication by moving service operations
  into af_alg.c and to further unify the TX SGL handling)

- unify the AIO and sync operation which only differ in the
  kernel crypto API callback and whether to wait for the
  crypto operation or not

- fix all reported bugs regarding the handling of multiple

The following testing was performed:

- stress testing to verify that no memleaks exist

- testing using Tadeusz Struck AIO test tool (see
  https://github.com/tstruk/afalg_async_test) -- the AEAD test
  is not applicable any more due to the changed user space
  interface; the skcipher test works once the user space
  interface change is honored in the test code

- using the libkcapi test suite, all tests including the
  originally failing ones (AIO with multiple IOCBs) work now --
  the current libkcapi code artificially limits the AEAD
  operation to one IOCB. After altering the libkcapi code
  to allow multiple IOCBs, the testing works flawless.

Stephan Mueller (2):
  crypto: skcipher AF_ALG - overhaul memory management
  crypto: aead AF_ALG - overhaul memory management

 crypto/algif_aead.c     | 770 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++--------------------
 crypto/algif_skcipher.c | 567 ++++++++++++++++++-----------------
 2 files changed, 726 insertions(+), 611 deletions(-)


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