On Sun, Jun 18, 2017 at 7:55 PM, Stephan Müller <smuel...@chronox.de> wrote:
> But you bring up an interesting point: if it is true you say that it is hard
> for people to use differnent types of APIs regarding entropy and random
> numbers right (which I would concur with), and considering that you imply that
> get_random_bytes, get_random_u32 and get_random_u64 have the same security
> strength, why do we have these three APIs to begin with? The get_random_bytes
> API would then be more than enough.

Because there are efficiences we can benefit from for getting integer
sized outputs.

Use get_random_{u32,u64} when you want a secure random number.
Use get_random_bytes when you want a longer secure random bytestring.

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