On Apr 03, 2012, at 11:21 PM, Bob Puff wrote:

>I think the majority of MM users will be simply using the RPM that comes with
>their distro, and there is a real benefit to stuff working right "out of the
>box".  This includes the Archiving functions.  

Distros are of course free to make their own opinionated decisions about how
components work together.  Think about the rest of the email stack: a distro
makes decisions about MTA, antispam, IMAP/POP servers, etc. etc. including how
they all work together and how much effort it takes to configure and run those
services.  Heck, entire businesses are springing up over service provisioning.

So I have full confidence that distros will make things way more easy for
people than it would be if you had to download and install all the individual
upstream source packages.

I think our job as a project is to make that possible, and easy.  A secondary
job is to make our own opinionated choices where appropriate.  We're not yet
there with the archiver, IMHO.

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