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On 1/6/17 3:10 PM, Ralph Johansen via Marxism wrote:
One faction wants to provoke a crisis with Russia to provide a pretext
for expanded military spending (e.g. Boeing and Lockheed Martin) while
the other wants to integrate Russia into the global capitalist system
more deeply to obtain its vast natural resources (e.g. ExxonMobil). This
latter faction is also in alliance with the vulture capitalists (Mercer)
and Wall Street investment banks (Goldman Sachs)

Okay, let me see if I understand this. Those ten thousand articles in Alternet, CommonDreams, Huffington Post, Counterpunch, ZNet, Salon, Truthdig and Truthout calling attention to the internecine ties between Goldman-Sachs and the Clinton campaign were wrong. In reality, Goldman-Sachs was part of a stealthy faction under the leadership of Breitbart.com that preferred Trump because he wanted to "integrate Russia into the global capitalist system".

I don't mind vulgar Marxism if there is at least a modicum of intelligence at work. This is pure drivel.

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