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Several thousand women, and a few men, gathered in downtown Oakland to mark
International Women’s Day, 2017. Considering the small forces that did the
organizing, the turnout was impressive. It was also partly a sign of the
times. This event did not happen in a vacuum; it was part of a larger
movement. And, as such, we should think about where that movement is
headed…. because some people most definitely are. They have a goal – a
final resting place, you could say – and a strategy.

That is the liberal cabal that revolves around the Democratic Party and
includes the union leadership and the nonprofiteers. And their goal, their
final resting place, is to get out the vote in 2018 and beyond to elect
more Democrats.
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"No one is going to give you the education you need to overthrow them."
Asata Shakur
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