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Well too bad. I don't much stock at all in instant dismissal of evidence
because of the apparent predilections of the messenger, especially with
regard to Syria, about which it seems to be a particularly widespread
mechanism that allows people to stay in their comfortable bubble and not
even look at anything they know they won't like. It's fair enough that some
people's agenda make one suspicious about how objective their evidence is,
but it's a pretty weak argument to stop at that. You don't seem to be even
starting at that, unless you think of some agenda a particular UN official
has in ordering her minions to doctor the evidence about alleged YPG and
SDF war crimes. And that the SNC and SOHR, who've also rebutted the "ethnic
cleansing" claims, also have such an agenda. I've criticised Roy Gutman and
called his Nation articles rubbish not just because he seems to be a cruise
missile liberal who's a shill for Erdogan, but also because at least two of
his sources have complained about his distortion of their words, because
this has also happened in his previous work, because he leaves crucial
facts out, because claims made by his anonymous sources are often absurd
and/or completely contradicted by other evidence, etc.

On Thu, Mar 16, 2017 at 10:32 AM, Louis Proyect <l...@panix.com> wrote:

> On 3/15/17 7:18 PM, Nick Fredman wrote:
>> rather than something the boss of the agency apparently said 4 years ago
>> about something else.
> Yeah, well. I just don't trust someone like Carla del Ponte to oversee any
> report about Syria in the same way I wouldn't rely on the word of
> Islamophobe Max Abrahms, whose poll found that Syrian refugees blamed the
> rebels just as much as they blamed Assad (cited by Rania Khalek in an
> Alternet article).
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