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On 3/18/17 4:09 PM, Chris Slee via Marxism wrote:
 I think it is reasonable to assume that if such groups came to power and had 
control of an air force they would be prepared to bomb cities that rebelled 
against their rule.

Except that the "jihadists" have never deployed artillery in the indiscriminate fashion that Assad has used his air force. When a single hospital in West Aleppo came under fire, there were ten thousand articles denouncing such inhumanity but not a single one about all the hospitals that had been leveled to the ground in East Aleppo. If you have trouble grasping this, I suggest you read the Zionist press on Hamas's rocket attacks on Sderot. As is almost universally the case, the "anti-imperialist" press can figure this out when it comes to Gaza but not Syria. Too bad that Chris Slee reflects this sort of bad faith.
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