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Unlike Christopher Hitchens  -  and the moderator

I never viewed the U. S. government military - as something positive- to be 
inflicted on the Arab masses,

including in Syria.

And I never identified religious reactionaries - as revolutionaries - as has 
been described on this Marxist site.

I believe that Bashir al-Assad is a proclaimed Muslim.  Unlike the Muslim 
worker friends that I work with

at my wage job and interact with in the working class neighborhood that I 
reside in - the jihadists in Syria -

are not for tolerance but seek power and control - motivated not by progressive 
political views - but by

reactionary religious views.

On 3/18/17 7:48 PM, John Obrien via Marxism wrote:
> The moderator is unaware of 9/11 and the Islamic terrorist use of civilian 
> planes on buildings?

Christopher Hitchens couldn't have put it 
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