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Right, that is the case with nationalist jihadist militias that have
access to weapons. They still have to be fighting the same enemy.

It is also why FSA militias would fight along side Nusra. If an armed
group is making progress in fighting the regime and you sit it out, how
does that look to potential recruits? And has been a detriment to any
group accepting Western assistance:

"In the formation of strategic alliances, moderate armed groups face
restrictions due to their reliance on Western donors. As they cannot
formally participate in coalitions that include controversial groups
such as JAN, moderate armed groups have limited opportunities to
increase their military effectiveness through coordination with other
armed groups.[32] Yet, with every military success of coalitions in
which the FSA does not have a visible role, such as the takeover of
Idlib city, the image of moderate factions as a weakening force is
reinforced, making them less attractive to potential recruits."

Just trying to understand the makeup of the current offensive. I haven't
read any detailed reporting/surveys since 2016, and their content was
based on 2014/2015 I think.

  Tristan Sloughter
  "I am not a crackpot" - Abe Simpson
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