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The murderous acts of the Stalinists against POUM in Spain are well-known. 
Less well-known is that Trotsky was bitterly opposed to POUM, denounced its 
comrades as traitors and renegades, and denounced Victor Serge and others as 
"strikebreakers" for having any relations with POUM.

The lack of recognition of the right to self-determination of the Moroccan 
people by the Spanish Republican government is well-known. Less well-known is 
that Trotsky wasn't that interested in the right to self-determination of the 
Moroccan people either. While against the colonial domination of Morocco in 
theory, he rarely refers to it in writing about Spain. He does refer to it in 
"The Lessons of Spain: The Last Warning, which appeared in the Socialist 
Appeal on January 8 and 15, 1938" 
(https://www.marxists.org/archive/trotsky/1937/xx/spain01.htm), but even here 
it's a minor point, barely mentioned, without even mention of the word 
"Morocco" or the right to self-determination or some other formulation. There 
is no discussion of the attitude of different sections of the people in Spain 
to this issue, and what serious agitation on the issue of Morocco would be.  
He simply expects that the "colonial Rifians" would immediate react to 
socialist revolution in Spain. And if one checks various of the accounts of 
Trotsky's work and views, there is hardly anything about his attitude to the 

Even that is better than his complete lack of recognition of the relationship 
of national oppression inside Ethiopia to the struggle against the Italian 
invasion of Ethiopia. There are certain similarities between the Italian war 
against Ethiopia in the mid-1930s and the Spanish Civil War. Both the 
resistance against Mussolini and the resistance against Franco were damaged 
by the failure to deal with the right to self-determination of oppressed 
nationalities.  The Eritirean and Oromo peoples and certain other 
nationalities were oppressed inside the Ethiopian empire, as the Spanish 
Moroccans were under Spanish domination. Franco used Moroccans as 
cannonfodder, while the Italian fascists sought to make use in their invasion 
and occupation of Ethiopioa of the anger of the Eritrean and Oromo peoples. 
And, for example, when Haile Selassie fled Ethiopia -- which occurred right 
after Trotsky imagined that Selassie would be the great anti-imperialist 
liberator -- he was motivated in part by fear of the Oromo people.  The 
alternative to his fleeing Ethiopia would have been to risk accompanying 
Ethiopian troops in a retreat through Oromo areas, and Selassie feared for 
his safety there. But Trotsky, in discussing the Italian invasion, never 
referred to the issue of national oppression in Ethiopia itself.

So it seems that there is more in common between the Trotskyist and Stalinist 
positions than is usually imagined. 

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