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New Labour leader Jacinda Ardern, who has led a charmed life of privilege,
has helped stick the knife in Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei who
recently admitted that when she was on the domestic purposes benefit in the
1990s, she didn't declare some income from a flatmate.

At the time, Metiria had a child to feed, house and clothe and was a
student trying to study law, in a period just a few years after vicious
cuts in social welfare benefits by the fourth National Party government
(benefits were cut by 20-25%).

The NZ Labour Party is not any kind of "workers party".  It is dominated by
snooty middle class people who look down on the poorest section of the
working class, and Ardern is a fitting representative for that layer of
anti-working class petty-bourgeois.

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