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Louis Proyect On 8/8/17 12:35 PM wrote,

Jeff wrote:
Let's see: an authoritarian figure gaining increased or dictatorial powers after rallying his nation to war. Do possibilities of that sort not concern readers of this list?

No, there will be no dictatorship in the USA--not as long as bourgeois democracy can ensure Nissan workers voting against their own class interests. Why would the American ruling class sanction a risky and unnecessary fascist state when the electoral machine keeps everybody under its thumb so well? With the largest socialist group in the USA determined to support Democratic candidates, why rock the boat?

I agree and disagree, Lou.

We may not have the what we formally call a dictatorship in the classic sense, but don't we already have lock down means of social control, in place increasingly with the coming of the Clintonites - who still in case anyone hasn't noticed control the Democratic Party?

Consider the fact that beginning more or less with Bill Clinton we have been becoming as a society an authoritarian state, with the unleashing of the banks domestically and globally to prey without having to pay, increasingly indebted to the bondholders, while employment becomes more and more uncertain and inadequate to our needs for sustenance - health, education and welfare. With the screws on so tightly that the great preponderance of us, including the rather crucial, now-encumbered students, are no longer at liberty to effectively protest, fearing that with the debtor/carceral/surveillance/military'imperialist regime developing more and more we can lose our jobs and therefore our cars, homes, furnishings, education, tchotchkes and life chances. As capital continues to base expansion on printing money not constrained by its relationship to gold and silver, piling one humongous number on the last through 'quantitative easing,' bailouts, the Pentagon and what have you - debt which is a claim on our future value and which we and our progeny must pay, our futures, as David Harvey says, are being foreclosed, by the debtor economy that has been largely, steadily moving in alongside neoliberalism during the past thirty years.

And then by way of recourse, more than a few of us had been counting on the 76-year old Bernie, almost as millions counted on the contrived, empty promises of a much-younger Obama in 2008. Here's my take on the prospects with Bernie, and how he probably sees it as well: since his election to the House in 1990, ostensibly as an independent, he has been carrying water for the Mississippi of the North, the state of Vermont, through Congressional horse-trading, caucusing with the Democrats, influential committee assignments and access to power, retention of which is all vital to the well-being of his largely-deprived constituency. So to spell that out, he is in thrall to a networking system, he reports to Schumer and the Wall Street leadership (he's now 'Senator Outreach' of the party, in an era where no New Deal with any source of fresh jobs with any legs is in prospect), and if he failed to deliver in his home base his long-time electoral constituency could evaporate, and all the knives would come at him come the next election. So what could anyone expect from this lifelong establishment politician? How could he abandon all that and try to lead a motley gaggle out to another party without any established, well-seated organization or disciplined, time-tested, experienced backers, his vulnerability to all the twists of establishment formal electoral procedures when the party dumps him completely, or steady access to media and national attention - however much he might still be able to raise funds independent of Wall Street?

Isn't it just about axiomatic that an establishment politician many years in the saddle in that corrupt institution is not the sort we can pin our hopes on? Who then? As with the guy who came in for a shave, the barber lathered him, took off the sheet and said that'll be five dollars and the guy said how about my shave, to which the barber responded and I retort, Oh, we just lather here.

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