Thanks for your work on this!  I'm glad to see GLSL IR->TGSI happening.

A few quick comments on "mesa,st/mesa: add native support for integers in shaders"...

glsl_type::get_vec4_type(base) is equivalent to glsl_type::get_instance(base, 4, 1) except that it returns error_type instead of NULL. You might want to use get_instance directly or implement get_vec4_type on top of it.

For the ir_unop_u2f, ir_unop_bit_not, ir_binop_lshift, ir_binop_rshift, ir_binop_bit_and, ir_binop_bit_xor, and ir_binop_bit_or don't need the glsl_version >= 130 check. These were first introduced in GLSL 1.30 and should never occur in prior versions. (If anything, I'd assert instead of emitting nothing.)

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