On 2016-12-02 12:47, Fred van Stappen wrote:

> # ideu assisted
> and this will load ideu with sak eanabled.

Good, but maybe make it "ide -assisted" (like normal parameter syntax),
because I think MSEgui and ideU supports filename parameters (no hyphen
prefix) to open files directly.

>> Fred, BobJ has a valid point about the 'up' or 'down' prompts...
> OK, fixed, thanks to note it.
> I really need some testers, I did not note it.

All I did was start a console window. type in ./ideU  then closed my
eyes and pressed Enter so ideU loads up. Then try and open one of your
existing projects (don't even bother trying to edit code yet). It's
f**ken hard, and you easily notice problems. That's how I noticed the
menu and file dialog problems.

The other problem (though a MSEgui issue) is navigating the main menu
with arrow keys alone. This doesn't just apply to blind people, but they
will notice it first. Starting ideU/MSEgui, you wouldn't know what main
menu items exist, so you would presume a "File" menu exists (almost all
applications have that - good or bad?) with Alt+F to access it. Pressing
right arrow at that point opens the sub-menu, pressing right again,
opens yet another sub menu. Eventually it runs out of sub menus, then
only moves to the "Edit" main menu item.

Under Windows, you can simply press Alt on its own. That selects the
first main menu item, with out opening it up. Now you can navigate left
and right on the main menu, without seeing sub menus. It will be useful
for MSEgui (or MSEide to support that). In fact, I just added that to
fpGUI's todo list too - it used to work, but clearly got broken
[unnoticed] somewhere down the line.


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