On 12/04/2016 06:01 PM, Fred van Stappen wrote:
> Re-hello Martin.
> Does it exist the equivalent of Tform.showmodal in MSE ?
twidget.show(<modallevel>) or twidget.show(true) which calls
twidget.show(ml_application). <modallevel> can be "ml_none",
"ml_application" which starts a nested main event loop or "ml_window"
which does not start a nested main event loop.
> Is it possible, when a form is docked, to still have the button in tackbar  
> (wo_taskbar) of that form ? This to still have the option to select a docked 
> form with alt+tab keys ?
> Or what key to use to select a docked form ?
In MSEide please use 'View'-<the_wanted_form>'. For panels created by
'View'-'New Panel' a Ctrl+Fn shortcut will be assigned. Many window
manger "eat" that key combinations.


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