On 12/05/2016 10:23 PM, Fred van Stappen wrote:
> Hello.
> This a continuation of:
> On Monday 05 December 2016 15:29:08 Fred van Stappen wrote:
>> But there are some that make trouble.
>> It is those in projectoptionsfo with boolean cells.
>> There is a Access violation error when selecting a "boolean" cell (cell
>> with X).
>> I do not find how to fix this.
> When selecting a "normal" cell, all is ok, the cell is said (see attachment 
> twidgetgrid_ok.jpg).
> But selecting a "boolean" cell, there is a access violation error (see 
> attachment twidgetgrid_crash.jpg).
function TSak.WhatName(iaSender: iassistiveclient): msestring;
  if (Sender is tbooleaneditradio) then
    if (trim(Tbooleaneditradio(Sender).frame.Caption) <> '') then

           <<<<<<<<<<---- frame is nil by default for grid widgets

      Result := 'radio button, ' + Tbooleaneditradio(Sender).frame.Caption
     if (Tbooleaneditradio(Sender).hint <> '') then
      Result := 'radio button, ' + Tbooleaneditradio(Sender).hint
      Result := 'radio button, ' + Tbooleaneditradio(Sender).Name;
Maybe use "iaSender.getassistivecaption()" instead?

Please remember the iassistiveclient interface:
 iassistiveclient = interface(inullinterface)[miid_iassistiveclient]
  function getinstance: tobject;
  function getassistivename(): msestring;
  function getassistivecaption(): msestring;
  function getassistivetext(): msestring;
  function getassistivecaretindex(): int32; //-1 -> none
  function getassistivehint(): msestring;
  function getassistiveflags(): assistiveflagsty;
 {$ifdef mse_with_ifi}
  function getifidatalinkintf(): iifidatalink; //can be nil


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