2017-02-27 10:00 GMT+01:00 Martin Schreiber <mse00...@gmail.com>:
> Why not? What does not work?

Well, in LCL, "CreateBrowser" is called in virtual CreateWnd (this is where
X / GDI handler is requested). With MSE Twidget I had to move
"CreateBrowser" into construction because twidget.createwindow was never
called. Result was that when create TChromium control, my whole application
was cloned (even two buttons in task bar), but control by itself was not
show. When changed to twindowwidget, createwindow is also not called. In
which MSE method, X handler is received? This is not something urgent, just
curiosity, I'm thinking about some hobby project. I'll back to this case
over the weekend
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