2017-03-12 7:47 GMT+01:00 Martin Schreiber <mse00...@gmail.com>:
> - Set twidgetgrid.anchors to [an_top,an_bottom].
> - Select twidgetgrid1 in tsimplewidget3.linkbottom (tsimplewidget3 is a
> tlayouter).
> BTW: recommended place_* settings for tsimplewidget3 are maxdist = 4,
> midist =
> 4, mode = wam_start, options = [plo_endmargin]. With current settings
> reducing the width and enlarging again will not work well.

Mmm, but it didn't change anything. Maybe I wasn't clear, look at attached
screenshot. Problem is in circle, twidgetgrid1 and tsimplewidget3
(tlayouter) have same width but even so, afer skinning right borders are
not on same place
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