Per your request in the discussion we were having in the fpGUI news groups 
about the "need" for form files and streaming form layouts I will detail 
what I remember of my trial runs of recent MSEgui versions. I used 4.4 
(4.4.1 I think) and 3.8.8. 4.4.x worked better in the visuals department. 
The problems I ran into fall roughly in three categories:

1. Z-Ordering problems: Forms falling / rising unexpectedly. The worst 
example was clicking a menu item and a background window, not even from the 
MSEide, was pulled up behind the drop down menu, obscuring, among other 
things, the window the menu was attached to.

2. Form content disappearing. Particularly with the 3.x version using the 
arrow keys to move up and down in the inspector caused values for other 
properties to disappear and then re-appear... seemingly at random. I think 
its tied to the value editor for the property that gets the focus.

3. Won't connect to MySQL: In 3.x I'd get an "Access Violation" after 
setting the properties and then setting the "connected" property to true. 
In 4.x it would report an authentication failure. I retyped my password, 
double checked the host, user and DB names several times before I realized 
the the error message said I wasn't allowed access to a database that 
doesn't exist. What is apparently happening is the DB name is truncated to 
just the first character. I had two test databases: "logging" and "foster". 
So the error message would say I was denied access to "f" or "l", depending 
on which I tried.

I believe I also saw "failure to redraw when exposed" issues.

Its been a few weeks since I tried to use it so the details are a bit 
fuzzy. And I know I saw other "drawing" defects. Bottom line is I didn't 
want to /inherit/ the drawing / user nuisance issues and DB based apps is 
the primary use I have for MSEgui, so not being able to connect to a DB was 
end of game for me. If the rest of the IDE had functioned I would have 
moved onto trying to build for ZEOS, since I saw you have instructions on 
doing that and that is what I use to bring some sanity to Lazarus. I'm also 
aware of how difficult it is to target MySQL due to the ongoing idiocy in 
the way they routinely mangle their client library. I have my own 
light-weight MySQL interface that I've maintained since MySQL 3.28. After 3 
or 4 client changes I just carry around the lib version that I last updated 
for and install it on the client machines.

I was really dissapointed since the version I tried several years back 
worked so well.

Any thoughts on use on OS X? Last I asked I was told, "why would I want 
to?" And the answer is, "'cause I want to write once run everywhere." Isn't 
that what we all want?

Jon Foster
JF Possibilities, Inc.

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