On 2017-05-07 08:20, Martin Schreiber wrote:
> MSElang and MSEpas (a subset of Free Pascal) have "string8" (utf-8) 
> "string16" 
> (utf-16) "string32" (ucs-4)

That sounds good.

> and "bytestring" for any 8-bit encoding and 
> binary data.

Why this? Why not simply Byte or an array of bytes. The term "bytestring"
introduces confusion again.

Also why bother with any other text encoding than the Unicode standard. The
Unicode standard was designed to support ALL languages and finally get rid
of the 8-bit mess. All you need is conversions from all the 8-bit encodings
to Unicode, and then be done with it.

>>    Java makes this simple. One string type (class), one character type and
>> 8 other primitive data types. Much simpler and easier to understand than
>> the mess Object Pascal has, thanks to FPC and Delphi.
> MSElang has been designed as a high performance language so it can't be so 
> simple.

Huh? Java is an excellent performance language. Please ignore all statements
on the Internet older than say 5 years. The Java language has come a long way, 
is *very* fast now. In fact, it actually generates binary code that is
magnitudes faster than what FPC can achieve. I've recently proved this in
the Lazarus Forum, and no amounts of "tweaks" or obscure coding methods in
Object Pascal or FPC compiler options could come close to the performance I
saw in Java 8.


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