On 05/07/2017 03:05 AM, Graeme Geldenhuys wrote:
> On 2017-05-07 08:20, Martin Schreiber wrote:
>> MSElang has been designed as a high performance language so it can't be so
>> simple.
> Huh? Java is an excellent performance language. Please ignore all statements
> on the Internet older than say 5 years. The Java language has come a long 
> way, and
> is *very* fast now. In fact, it actually generates binary code that is
> magnitudes faster than what FPC can achieve. I've recently proved this in
> the Lazarus Forum, and no amounts of "tweaks" or obscure coding methods in
> Object Pascal or FPC compiler options could come close to the performance I
> saw in Java 8.
Hey Martin!

Although Graeme fails to take into account the platforms where Java is 
interpreted and its many other stupidities he does have a good test case. I 
think I stirred up to the pot on the FPC mail list as best as I can and 
using Graeme's code proved that FPC has a *HUGE* weakness in the floating 
point arena. And actually my Delphi compiler for Linux (Kylix v3) didn't do 
much better. Seems to me I remember that being the case from my Delphi 
windoze days too. Fortunately I avoid floating-point math and typically 
don't need it. And in the cases where I do... actually the only fractional 
values I have dealt with in a long time is money and I use the currency 
type which doesn't really count. :-) IEEE floating-point is hideous for that.

If MSElang is far enough along it would be interesting to see what it can 
do with with Graeme's ray-caster. I've dumbed it down to <300 lines and 
removed the external SDL dependency so it can be run as a raw computational 

If you have the time to perform a translation and want to give it a whirl 
the reduced code is at https://github.com/jafcobend/fpcflop in the 

Although many on the FPC mailing list seem content to come up with excuses 
or blame Graeme for poor design it seems to me the real questions is: Why 
is x/y, when both are declared as singles, sooooo much slower in FPC then 
it is in language X. So I'd really like to see how MSElang scores in this 
arena. I've been contemplating some game scenarios and I've been keeping my 
eye out for an improved language. Maybe I should get on board with MSElang.

Anyhow, if you take on the challenge please CC my email address below. I'm 
going to try and avoid the mail lists and newsgroups for a while. I need to 
go earn a living and these things have soaked up a ton of time. :-D

- Jon

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