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Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal July 13, 1999
by Phil Andrews

A Kenora area widow has filed a lawsuit against the Commissioner of the OPP
over a 1998 traffic accident that she claims contributed to her husband's
death. Sarah White, of Whitefish Bay First Nation, is seeking $2 million in
damages in a statement of claim filed June 25 at the Superior Court of
Justice in Thunder Bay. In the document, White claims her husband, Cecil
White, a grandfather of 19, died after the OPP failed to promptly
investigate a December 38, 1998 two car accident between Shabaqua and
Atikokan. No statement of defence has been filed.

Sgt. Terry Blace said Monday from headquarters in Orillia the OPP is aware
of the case but it isn't OPP practice to comment on matters before the
courts. No one was injured in the noon hour accident 70 km west of
Shabaqua, according to the statement of claim. But the westbound car the
Whites were travelling in wound up inoperable in a roadside ditch. Its
heater didn't work and it couldn't be used for shelter. The other vehicle
involved in the rear end collision was small and occupied by two large
aggressive dogs which wouldn't let the Whites in it, according to the court

The statement of claim, which hasn't been proven in court, says the Whites
stood on Hwy. #11 until after 2.20pm when an OPP officer arrived.
Environment Canada records show temperatures in Atikokan between the time
of the accident and 4pm - when the civil claim alleges the Whites were
taken from the accident scene by the officer - hovered in the -14 C range.
The statement says Cecil White received "a severe chill" through OPP
failure to investigate and provide aid in a more timely manner. It says the
chilling "started the chain of medical complications and crises which led
directly to his death."  White was admitted to hospital the day after the
incident and died on January 3.  The statement claims the OPP Commissioner
created a situation of danger through policies that keep officers busy with
activities such as "raising money via speeding fines" .  That, says the
statement, means officers aren't available to help people stranded as a
result of highway mishaps. No date has been set for the trial.

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