Good morning!

Not expecting much overnight, given the long and heavy rainfall we received 
(nearly 2ā€ of rain), after reviewing my night recording I am excited to report 
that I recorded a night migrating BARN OWL. This bird flew over our house in 
Etna, calling every 13-16 seconds, over the span of about two minutes from 3:32 
to 3:34 this morning.

For those interested, I have uploaded the full 2-minute file sequence to both 
SoundCloud and to Xeno-Canto. Iā€™m not happy with SoundCloud because you can 
no-longer play a single track one time ā€“ immediately after a track plays, 
SoundCloud automatically begins playing another track of music that might be 
interesting to you. I have also uploaded the sequence to Xeno-Canto, but I was 
having some problems playing the clip in Safari (it played back fine using 
Chrome) ā€“ you can also download the file from either Xeno-Canto or SoundCloud 
and then play the file locally on your computer.

Here are the links:

Night listening can be so cool!

Chris T-H

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