Hi Geoff,

Thanks for posting to the NFC-L eList.

I cannot say for certain, but as you suggested, this doesn’t quite match the 
few “classic" examples that have been shared in the past. This call definitely 
seems to be on the low end, but could still be from a Least Bittern.

This eList has definitely encountered a long dormant period. I have to suspect 
that many of us have gotten very busy in the past couple of years, and perhaps 
NFC research has dwindled a bit – I personally have not been able to take time 
to actively record or review calls since early summer of last year.

While the Facebook NFC group does receive more usage and may be a future 
replacement to this eList, I don’t have any intention of shutting down this 
eList. Not everyone uses Facebook (believe it or not…), and we have no control 
over what Facebook decides to do with historic posts in the future. Most of the 
exchanges on this eList are archived here at The Mail Archive: 

I just read John’s response. Activity of a group, regardless of the social 
medium, relies on active back-and-forth participation. If nobody posts 
anything, there can’t be a dialogue – yet, there are over 350 subscribers to 

Definitely, feel free to post brief clips (under 900kb – limit of the Lyris 
List Manager) of good recordings to share, discuss interesting observations 
made, pose questions about your research and observations, explain what 
equipment you use, and share what software or hardware solutions you have found 
to be most productive.

Hey, has anyone seen The Messenger documentary, yet?

Thanks, and wishing you all good night listening!

Chris T-H

On Apr 26, 2016, at 11:06 PM, Geoff Malosh 
<pomar...@earthlink.net<mailto:pomar...@earthlink.net>> wrote:

Hi everyone,

I captured the attached recording at 11:39pm on April 24 in southwestern 
Pennsylvania. I am wondering if this might be a Least Bittern. From what I can 
find, presumed Least Bittern nocturnal calls seem to be somewhat variable, with 
some higher pitched and some lower pitched, but all with a similar nasal 
quality and duration that the attached recording seems to share. This recording 
is certainly on the lower-pitched end of the spectrum and doesn’t completely 
match any Least Bittern examples I can find, though. Thanks for any input.

I’m also posting here out of curiosity as to whether this list is still active. 
It’s been pretty quiet for a long time I don’t mean just because it was winter 
recently. Really nothing posted here last fall or so far this spring. Has this 
list been more or less replaced by the NFC facebook group?


Geoff Malosh
Pittsburgh, PA


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