I got finished by with work at 11 pm last evening andin the parking lot 
before I got into my car I heard a"stream" of chips, zips, zeets and zeeps! I 
listened for about5 minutes and it was constant. There were at least 3 SOLITARY 
SANDPIPERS that flew by. Additionally, I was surprised to heara BARN SWALLOW 
and right before I leftan early SWAINSON'S THRUSH!! The birds were very lowas 
cloud ceilings have dropped to a few hundred feetand there was a heavy drizzle 
When I arrived at home which is at 1300 feet a few hundredfeet lower than the 
airport I still could hear the chips, zipsand zeeps etc but they were higher 
up. I listened forseveral more minutes and heard one more SOLITARYSANDPIPER but 
nothing else than I could ID. The radarshows modest echoes at this time. 
Dave Nicosia

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