I was surprised to see a 1st Summer Glaucous Gull at Mecox Inlet, Suffolk
County, this morning. There are some May dates for this bird on Long Island
in eBird, but I think this is particularly late. Photos can be seen on
Flickr: https://flic.kr/p/TWjQdj; https://flic.kr/p/TWjQyQ
(And, thanks to the ABA What's This Bird? Facebook group for providing a
platform in which the identification could be confirmed.)

Besides the gull, the only other notable birds that I saw while I was there
last evening and this morning was a Bank Swallow, flying with the Barn
Swallows, and two Piping Plovers. They don't appear to have nested yet. I
chanced on the young man in charge of endangered bird protection for the
summer for the town of Southampton, and he told me the water levels are too
high and that the nesting area keeps getting flooded out. The town is
scheduled to create the break to the ocean this coming week, which should
help and also create more mud flats for shorebirds. (I only saw Sanderlings
and Least Sandpipers and two Skimmers, who simply skimmed through.)

Donna Schulman
Forest Hills, N.Y.


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