A correction actually on the postscript in my prior post, regarding a species 
seen in China… repeating an odd mis-speaking done when on the trip, the rarest 
of Emberiza Buntings seen was not “Kozlowski’s” which was an odd take on a 
species not seen this trip, and not related to the Emberizid buntings (Kozlov’s 
Accentor), but rather was (on this trip) the very endangered Jankowski’s 
Bunting - which I was able to locate for the group, on going alongside the 
expert local guide-researcher for this species in far northern China’s region 
of Manchuria.  It is probably the rarest member of the genus, although the 
guide we were with hopes to keep surveying &, with luck, may find some further, 
isolated & modest new populations in that general area.  We eventually saw as 
many as 5 of the species in a patch of scrub habitat that could be walked in a 
few hours, so perhaps saw as much as 10% of the known population.  Hopefully, 
more are discovered, and that habitat given real protection.

Tom Fiore,

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