Morning all,
A Town of Hempstead survey of the Oceanside Landfill along Long Beach Road 
produced at least one immature male Blue Grosbeak. It was singing along the 
north and west edges of the landfill. I was able to observe an immature male 
singing at two locations ~1,100 ft apart within a few minutes, but I did not 
have time to verify that there were two birds. They look similar in photos. 
Also here Savannah Sparrows breeding on the landfill, 2 Indigo Buntings, and a 
very late BT Green Warbler. Lots of flyby ibis here. Also 4 Little Blue Herons 
in the immediate marsh, seen from atop the landfill.
I do not know about access, but there is a small (gated) park which from which 
it would be audible 40.623182, -73.636119The parking area at the end of this 
road is close to the second point, but is commercial, trashed, and secluded, so 
be careful: 40.621469, -73.634468Chabad of Oceanside parking lot is still 
within earshot of the second point. 40.620521, -73.632850
Please be respectful of people in the neighborhood and don't stress the bird 
with playback if you go, it was singing consistently this morning around 7.
Brendan Fogarty

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