After talking shop about migrating Terns with Michael Farina at Oceanside 
Marine Nature Center recently, A concentrated effort to check out Nickerson 
looking for all the Terns I have yet to see, Roseate,Gull-billed, Arctic and 
Sandwich has been in effect. Upon arriving a few days ago I had a Royal Tern on 
the beach,not far from the dunes where there is always varying degrees of 
water. Unfortunately a peregrine flushed it, and everything else around, and I 
tried to relocate it unsuccessfully the rest of the afternoon. Looking back on 
the same area a hour or so later, I noticed a bathing tern that looked 
different,  and happily it was a Gull-billed Tern. It did not stay long, and I 
also couldn't relocate it. Today June 4th, I went back to Nickerson in the late 
afternoon and was seeing common and least terns, many laughing Gulls and a few 
Piping Plovers back were i had seen the royal and gull billed terns. I headed 
to the main tern/skimmer nesting area, with caution and respect of course, and 
my luck changed to amazing when I bumped into Bob P. he was scanning the area 
and pulled out a Roseate Tern as it came in to land close to the water mixing 
in with a flock of common Terns. We were both elated and got great looks at the 
Roseate, Thanks Bob, that was impressive, and I'm so appreciative!! This was 
getting close to sundown with grey skies and I know it's a late report, but I 
hope it can give some idea of what's going on down at Nickerson! Kind 


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