Shawangunk Grasslands 7 June

Debbie Martin and I (Sy Schiff) visited at the site this morning, received some 
info when we arrived and quickly found the HENSLOW'S SPARROW. The DICKCISSEL 
was a bit further along the path into the grasslands near the blind. Both birds 
were singing in full sight and very cooperative. Several sparrows flew up and 
dove into the grass as we walked and were probably GRASSHOPPER SPARROWS, heard 
briefly but not seen. A WILLOW FLYCATCHER was singing along the edge in the 

As we were walking out, a pair of vultures flew by very high in the air, one of 
each, TURKEY and BLACK.  BOBOLINK were every where, almost all males, except 
for a very cooperative female with a caterpillar in its bill. It is presumed 
the missing females are on nests. EASTERN MEADOWLARKS  were singing but only a 
single one showed. Red-winged Blackbirds were also in fair numbers. . One male 
AMERICAN KESTREL was resting in a bare tree, in the grass land, A pair of 
SAVANNAH SPARROWS rounded out the morning as we approached the parking lot.

A PURPLE MARTIN house, seen from the paring lot had a pair of birds clinging to 
the outside. Not a grassland bird, but a nice addition for the day. 

A note: the place is gorgeous and impeccably maintained. The wildflowers are 
stunning. You don't have to be a birder to enjoy this place.


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