There was a single Purple Martin perched on a bar of the newly installed martin 
complex at Croton Point Park this morning (7:05-7:15 a.m.). One of the houses 
is occupied by tree swallows but when buzzed by a swallow the martin did not 
seem concerned; indeed it took a pass at the swallow occupied house and 
re-perched to continue pruning. To my knowledge there are no breeding martin 
colonies in Westchester County. The bird appears to be juvenile not adult 
female. I am not sure how it can find and alert adults to this new 
construction, not to mention the river views, plenty of food, and winter 
cleaning service. But of course young folks are trumped by older folks all the 
time even when the adults would be well served to listen to the youth. 

Thanks to Charlie Roberto, Anne Swaim and John Phillips for their efforts in 
establishing a Westchester martin colony. 

L. Trachtenberg 

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