Not to be a buzzkill but just want to remind people that while situations like 
this are great for birders they are very bad for the birds. While walking into 
the beach I was literally hit by a Great Shearwater near the entrance. Talking 
to a beach employee he told me that 25 were taken in to a rehabber on Long 
Beach and we found at least 10 exhausted birds that they were holding over 
night at Nickerson. All birds seemed well fed and they just had no energy left. 
Near dark I took 2 more out of the surf and put them behind little sand castles 
to shelter them from the wind. Very sad to see. 

During my time seawatching I had the following. 

75+ Great Shearwater
5 Corey's
1 Manx
2 Sooty
1 Parastic Jaeger came onshore at sundown and buzzed the east Tern colony. 
Also had an adult Arctic Tern on the beach of the east Tern colony as well. 
5 Roseate Terns sitting on beach

Isaac Grant
Senior Loan Officer

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