I'm trying to learn more about writing mapi service
providers for outlook 2003 running on windows xp.

Given a service provider dll, such as a message store
dll (from the inside mapi book), how do I configure
outlook 2003 on windows XP to use it?

Here is what I have done. 
1) modify the mapisvc.inf file to include the service
2) tried to manually modify the .prf file to include
the service
3) then launch the prf file, which launches outlook
and then I pick a profile.

I'm doing 2 manually since the outlook ui does not let
me add services to a profile.  I may be doing
something wrong in 2.

The message store (from the inside mapi book) does not
show up in the outlook ui.  What am I doing wrong?

I don't have the vc++ compiler yet to build the
outlook connector so I'm trying to see if I can get
this far first.



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