Hello Group,

I have been asked by a few parties interested in the
project for a status update.  It is hard to estimate
the amount of work that's left to do, because a large
part of this project is figuring out what works with
MAPI rather than writing against a clearly defined

We are aiming for an May 1st public beta. That's a
tight deadline, but possible if everything goes as
planned.  This schedule also assumes our current
resource levels.  Things would move faster with more
assistance.  You can donate to the project at
Proceeds go towords paying software consultant time
on the project.

A.  MAPI Message Store
    1. There is a lot of pre-beta testing required for
       the core message store classes.
       ( Approx. 20-40 hours )

    2. Hard coded debug breakpoints will have to be
       replaced with message boxes and error handling
       ( Approx. 10-20 hours )

    3. Library wide speed and space optimizations.
       ( Approx. 20-40 hours )

    4. LibIcal needs to be converted to 64bit time
       utilizing windows time API.
       ( Approx. 40-120 hours )

    5. MAPI Message object-to-ICal import and export
       ( Approx. 20-40 hours )

    6. Completion of miscellaneous minor MAPI API
       ( Approx. 40-80 hours )

    7. Message store-to-transport provider
       synchonization API for syncing local message
       store cache with remote calendar.
       ( Approx. 20-40 hours )

    8. Complete config GUI.
       ( Approx. 10-20 hours )

    9. Add uninstall support to ochelper.exe
       ( Approx. 10-20 hours )

   10. Library wide memory management code. Most
       likely using 'Boost' libraries.
       ( Approx. 20-40 hours )

B.  MAPI Transport Provider
    1. Completion of necessary MAPI transport classes.
       ( Approx. 40-80 hours )

    2. Reach CalDAV protocol handling milestone for
       Beta 1 level access.
       ( Approx. 20-40 hours )

Best Regards,

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