Charles Wyble wrote:

What is the stability of this snapshot? Is it ready for early adopter use?

The connector is stable, when it works.  It
just doesn't do much yet.  It should be stressed
that this should not be used on an Outlook
install that's important to you, as this is
still 'Alpha' software.

What is the difference?

Release binaries do not require Visual Studio
being installed.

This is awesome! Great work guys. I am excited to see
you making progress. I now have more motivation to finish up
a cosmo deployment to test otlkcon against. :)

Thanks, but that's not going to work yet.  That
is slated to work with the 'Beta 1' release.

The alpha snapshots are meant to show the progress
of the binaries and to provide a good place to
start when setting up a build environment.

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