Hello Chad,

The home URI is the collection which contains the
Calendar collection and not the calendar collection
itself.  Eg...


The connector expects a folder hierarchy that
contains calendars in there.  Eg....


Once you enter the home URI and save that
setting, you can use the "Browse" button to
select all the calendars you'd like synced with
Outlook.  Use the checkbox next to each folder
to select it.

Currently, the principal URI is not used.  Ideally,
this should be the only URI you should have to
provide and the connector should be able to find
all your calendar collections from there.  But
feature is not completed yet.

PS. We're working on a new milestone that I hope to
release in about a week.  Should take care of at
least some of the deadlock issues some users
have reported.  Thanks for the feedback.

Best regards,

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> Subject: [otlkcon-devel] Configuring Open Connector to Mac OS X Leopard 
> Server CALDAV
> Hello All,
> I'm new to the list and see that the latest beta now lists  
> compatibility with "Apple" CALDAV.  I've got the connector and a  
> CALDAV server setup (We're using it with iCal on the mac (10.5) but  
> can't get it to connect from outlook with the open connector  
> installed.  The server address that the iCal client is using
> is
>   UID goes here/
> What should I be entering to get the open connector working in the  
> Home URI field?
> Anyone got a working setup out there like what I've described?
> Any help would be much appreciated
> Chad McDonald
> Compucraft Service Consultant
> 616.454.3442
> http://www.compucraft.net

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