Hello Group,

It's been a long time since the last status or

The project is not dead, but I do need some
help moving things forward.

The biggest issues I've heard from people
involved in Open Connector testing so far has
concerned performance and stability.

But an important prerequisite to performance
optimization and refactoring for stability is
the completion of the documentation of the
internal Outlook APIs that affect us.  If we
optimize prematurely, we will make design
decisions that will have to be undone to
continue adding new features since we do not
now what the missing API looks like.

Now factoring in the minimal development time
available, you can see how undoing/redoing
developed features would be a very bad thing.

Currently the biggest blocking bug for Milestone
4 and subsequent development is the documentation
of the "Outlook Calendar Sharing" feature.  This
feature is not documented anywhere on the internet
I've found.  The requirements for supporting
calendar sharing will also influence our current
object model heavily, so there is not much sense
continuing development without it.

Documentation will take 4-8 weeks of fulltime
development to document this feature. That is
currently more time than I have to donate to the
project, so I really can't start.

If anyone believes they can help with this
documentation please let me know.

Best regards,

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