Hello Kervin

I can actively participate in development - I'm trying to establish what OC needs to get built. Which Exchange SDK are you using for the current release? Although the calendar aspect is good I'm most keen to get shared tasks up & running.

Sadly cannot help with funding - indeed could use some myself :)

When I get Zimbra configured I will get a chance to test their connector - right now it's an MX mess :\

Any info gratefully received


Kervin Pierre wrote:


I am unable to put in anytime into the project at this time, and no one has stepped in to continue or fund development. So I would have to say the project is stalled until this situation changes.

Open Connector is primarily a CalDAV connector. So I think your best bet would be to go with one of the commercial offerings out there like Zimbra Connector or ZideOne.

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I'm trying to establish the status of this project -

Can anyone tell me which parts of the Exchange SDK are required to build the connector DLL? Has anyone had good results using the connector with Linux servers like Zimbra or Citadel?



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