I've been trying to get OpenConnector to work with a custom CalDAV
implementation but have run into many issues and am currently stuck.

First off, I configured the account's Home and Principal URIs to point
it to one of our development boxes, clicked save and then browse, then
tools->connect.  I see the various OPTIONS & PROPFIND requests come
across on the backend and the correct XML is being returned.  The
available calendar for the user specified then appears in the list -
everything looks good so far.

But immediately after the calendar shows in the list, another
PROPFIND (depth=1) request is issued to the Home URI... however it is
an empty request (well, a single space character).  Our server
interprets this as an invalid request and throws back a 500 error,
which is displayed via the configuration tab as an unhandled

first question is whether this empty request is a bug that can be
ignored or a byproduct of a bad configuration/installation on my end?
I've tried to just ignore the request on our end, but when I do that,
the OpenConnector client complains about an invalid response.

Secondly, when I click to continue on the error dialog and check the
checkbox next to the name of the calendar returned before the error,
then click save and ok to complete the account configuration,
everything looks ok.  I see the calendar appear under My Calendars,
and no errors are reported.  However, no events are displayed in the
calendar (despite the fact that they were returned to the client prior
to the error).  Similarly, new events created in Outlook are never
synced - no PUT requests are made.  Is this the byproduct of the
previous error not being handled properly or does something else need
to be set?

Like I said, our CalDAV implementation is custom and by no means
perfect - but it does work with Apple's iCal on OSX and iPhone, as
well as Mozilla Thunderbird/Lightning on multiple OSs.  We're trying
to find a solution for our Outlook users and were hoping that
OpenConnector would do the job for us.

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!
- Scott

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