That is the yick thing for me with Blind devices. They don't make them truely powerfull. Well I'm more a plextalk guy then Victor. So I've always had bones with them. In 06 when they made the PTR2 they didn't do loads of things that would've made it epic. For starters the USB 1.1 thingy. Dude USB 2 was a thing in 2006 was it not? Also the CF card thing. Dude really only 6 GB? Get rid of that limit homies. Now as I was bairly getting into the geeky stuff about computers I don't know how hi Compact Flash cards went then. Believe it or not, the PTR2 is still sold to this day just like that. Not sure how the Pocket is as I've not messed with it. I do have a Strattus 12M as we were origenally talking Victors. Meh it's what it is. I will giv it this though it can play the FS JAWS DVDs. Oh and Victors also play the ITunes N4A format. Which is another bone to pick with Plextalk. I like them more. Plextalks sound clearer to me. The speakers always seemed to have better frequency responce. Sure now they are kinda ick to me now that I've been spoiled with Bose quality. lol

On 5/1/2017 11:25 AM, Aidan wrote:
Yes but that shouldn't be an excuse. These companies must wake up. I
no of a manufacture who does allot better in hardware and wich players
wifi is much stronger. Soon it will be able to record internet radio
and its much cheaper. Also humanware is very slow to update, fix bugs,
and new features. All new promts are now spoken by heather, though
they claim the stream is one of the players with human speech, well
these days they may just as well remove the human voice altogether,
since they don't seem to want to change these promts to speak with it
any longer.

On 01/05/2017, Dane Trethowan <> wrote:
Ah! well you've probably hit the nail right on the head when it comes to
the download speed if everything goes through the Humanware server.

Yep, the Wireless chip seems a little outdated but after all! we're
talking all things Humanware and for the blind here aren't we <smile>.

On 2/05/2017 12:43 AM, Gary Schindler wrote:
In addition to what you said about the slow download speed of the
Victor stream second generation, I feel that the chip for the wireless
receiver could be more sensitive. Another thing I believe is that the
internet streams seem to go through a server controlled by Humanware
for the most part. If there is a problem for some reason with there
server, the machine locks up even though you are connected to your
router. that being said, it seems to be the best all around device in
it's class for the money!

-----Original Message----- From: Dane Trethowan
Sent: Monday, May 01, 2017 10:24 AM
To: PC Audio Discussion List
Subject: Victor Reader Stream 2nd Generation


I just bought one of these units and would like to make comment on my

Firstly I think that the unit does a brilliant job for what it is in
most respects.

The sound from the internal speaker is a little muffled however - having
already heard a VR Stream - I was already prepared for this, a bit of an
annoyance one might say so to overcome this I use a small BUniden
hand-held amplified battery speaker I've had for years, cost me $25
about 7 years ago, pity the Stream doesn't have Bluetooth but I guess a
product can't have everythint.

Now I don't know whether this is my unit in particular but I have
noticed that the downloading of data seems to be incredibly slow
compared to other devices I have on my network, I used the "Check for
Updates" function and - according to that - the firmware is up to date,
well at least the data does get downloaded I guess.

There's a hell of a lot of functionality packed into the VR Stream box
and a lot of this - such as the Internet Radio, podcasts and so forth -
I won't bother using - given I already have better solutions for that
sort of thing - but for those who don't the VR Stream provides a great
entry level to the world of Internet Radio and Podcasting.

Getting online with the Vision Australia library was a snap so I
downlaoded a couple of books.

Again, I have other Apps and so forth which I prefer to use myself but
the Stream is convenient for reading, no doubt about that even though I
read all my newspapers these days straight from the web site its good to
know I have a reliable backup.


"Live each day as if you were goiing to die tomorrow, learn each day as if
you were going to live forever"

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