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On 5/2/17, Gerardo Corripio <gera1...@gmail.com> wrote:
> And do you have to buy or sale something to be on, or could I just go on
> and see if I someday find an interesting item I'd like to buy or sale?
> El 02/05/2017 a las 10:18 a.m., Laz escribió:
>> Send a blank message to blind-bst+subscr...@groups.io
>> It has over 450 members and going strong.
>> Laz
>> On 5/1/17, Hamit Campos <hamitcam...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Ah what did ya do with it? On the subject of getting rid of stuff,
>>> anyone know someware where people sell stuff like this? Like an EBay for
>>> Blind devices?
>>> On 5/1/2017 8:32 PM, Dane Trethowan wrote:
>>>> Actually I've decided to rid myself of the VR Stream - even though
>>>> I've had it for only 24 hours.
>>>> I stand by what I said about the VR Stream - a nice and convenient
>>>> device to use - but it doesn't suit me.
>>>> I don't regret buying the Stream of course, now I have one I know
>>>> exactly what all the fuss is about concerning this device and I really
>>>> like the comprehensive feature set, I just don't like the quality of
>>>> that internla speaker and the slow way the unit behaves when connected
>>>> to the Internet.
>>>> Anyway now I know <smile>.
>>>> On 2/05/2017 9:28 AM, Tom Kaufman wrote:
>>>>> I've never thought of the Victor Stream's audio as being
>>>>> "muffled"...having said this, I think of it more like the sound of a
>>>>> 6-transistor radio!  If you plug it into a good speaker or a good set
>>>>> of headphones, you do get a pretty good sound!  But no...if I'm going
>>>>> to listen to any music on that thing, I'd much prefer an external
>>>>> speaker or headphones!
>>>>> Tom Kaufman
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>>>>> Dane Trethowan
>>>>> Sent: Monday, May 01, 2017 5:34 PM
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>>>>> Subject: Re: Victor Reader Stream 2nd Generation
>>>>> I just shake my head though when it comes to that muffled speaker for
>>>>> audio, all my phones do far better than what the Stream does but then
>>>>> again audio has always been a problem with the Stream.
>>>>> The handling of multiple format files - for recording as well as
>>>>> playback - is a welcom addition and - at the very least - the quality
>>>>> of
>>>>> audio from the headphones jack seems to be quite acceptable.
>>>>> On 2/05/2017 2:41 AM, Evan Reese wrote:
>>>>>> As to slow downloading of data, I have noticed with ours, and those
>>>>>> of
>>>>>> some friends, that it doesn't seem to have a great wi-fi transceiver
>>>>>> in it. Even when I'm close to my router, it usually says that
>>>>>> reception is poor.
>>>>>> Other than that, you are right, a lot of functionality in that little
>>>>>> package.
>>>>>> Evan
>>>>>> -----Original Message----- From: Dane Trethowan
>>>>>> Sent: Monday, May 01, 2017 10:24 AM
>>>>>> To: PC Audio Discussion List
>>>>>> Subject: Victor Reader Stream 2nd Generation
>>>>>> Hi!
>>>>>> I just bought one of these units and would like to make comment on my
>>>>>> purchase.
>>>>>> Firstly I think that the unit does a brilliant job for what it is in
>>>>>> most respects.
>>>>>> The sound from the internal speaker is a little muffled however -
>>>>>> having
>>>>>> already heard a VR Stream - I was already prepared for this, a bit
>>>>>> of an
>>>>>> annoyance one might say so to overcome this I use a small BUniden
>>>>>> hand-held amplified battery speaker I've had for years, cost me $25
>>>>>> about 7 years ago, pity the Stream doesn't have Bluetooth but I guess
>>>>>> a
>>>>>> product can't have everythint.
>>>>>> Now I don't know whether this is my unit in particular but I have
>>>>>> noticed that the downloading of data seems to be incredibly slow
>>>>>> compared to other devices I have on my network, I used the "Check for
>>>>>> Updates" function and - according to that - the firmware is up to
>>>>>> date,
>>>>>> well at least the data does get downloaded I guess.
>>>>>> There's a hell of a lot of functionality packed into the VR Stream
>>>>>> box
>>>>>> and a lot of this - such as the Internet Radio, podcasts and so forth
>>>>>> -
>>>>>> I won't bother using - given I already have better solutions for that
>>>>>> sort of thing - but for those who don't the VR Stream provides a
>>>>>> great
>>>>>> entry level to the world of Internet Radio and Podcasting.
>>>>>> Getting online with the Vision Australia library was a snap so I
>>>>>> downlaoded a couple of books.
>>>>>> Again, I have other Apps and so forth which I prefer to use myself
>>>>>> but
>>>>>> the Stream is convenient for reading, no doubt about that even though
>>>>>> I
>>>>>> read all my newspapers these days straight from the web site its
>>>>>> good to
>>>>>> know I have a reliable backup.
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