Perhaps you should report for plextalk and see if they can help you testing.

On 06/05/2017, Hamit Campos <> wrote:
> Who are Andre and Anthony? As for the PTR2 it is epic. I'm just saying
> that before 1 buys 1 cause you can still buy 1 if you wish. But before
> ya do so I think it's best to borrow 1 from a homy which is the gangsta
> word for friend and try some CF cards. See if it doesn't do like the
> PTR1. Or maybe it's mi PTR1 that has the issue. Cause like I said mine
> has rejected 3 CF cards in a row. That's something like 30 dolars down
> the John. I don't know why it's being so dam picky all of the sudden.
> On 5/6/2017 8:45 AM, Aidan wrote:
>> Andre, Anthony and his team cell them since last year.
>> Hamit, you so rite, I would love to try out the ptr2 and I think its
>> put together very well, but yes the hardware is a big show stopper,
>> and you will be better off with bookport dt from APH if you want to go
>> that root. I cannot compare drive of ptn2 with ptn1 as I did not
>> experience ptn1, but I think it will be better since one of the
>> firmware updates did address issues with the drive.
>> On 06/05/2017, André van Deventer <> wrote:
>>> Now where will you get this little player since Neville retired?
>>> -----Original Message-----
>>> From: Pc-audio [] On Behalf Of Aidan
>>> Sent: Friday, May 5, 2017 7:39 PM
>>> To: PC Audio Discussion List
>>> Subject: Re: Victor Reader Stream 2nd Generation
>>> Well, I think that humanware really like to give us quite crappy
>>> hardware
>>> and then we pay fru our nek for what? I love my stream, but I agree that
>>> PlexTalk do a much better job with hardware. The stream wifi chip is
>>> really
>>> not that good. I would love to get a milestone, I think I would like the
>>> 212
>>> as it sfor voice and music mostly, as I have enough players with more in
>>> a
>>> package.
>>> I have both ptp1 and ptn2, wich have great speakers as said.
>>> I just think that PlexTalk should make their devices faster and update
>>> it
>>> more, then I can support them 100%. But the player I enjoy a lot now is
>>> the
>>> evo e 10 from vin-vision. They a china baste company but they really do
>>> great work.
>>> The player have wifi, and its very strong, and the hardware in general
>>> is
>>> very good. It don't have a full keypad though, so you do most things
>>> with
>>> the up, down, left and write and enter, but it have the most features of
>>> all.
>>> Both fm radio and internet radio, podcast ability, recorder, and soon
>>> will
>>> hopefully be able to record internet radio also. Five alarms, voice
>>> memos,
>>> voice reminders, (similar to the notepad on ptr2) The recorder is
>>> actually
>>> so loud when recording from external sorces or radio that you need to
>>> set
>>> recording volume to 1 or 2, and the nice thing about it is that if
>>> something
>>> is very soft, then you can make it louder to record better.
>>> Also have noise gate. Not to high quality bitrates, but the most used
>>> are
>>> there. It even have time announcements on hour or hafr hour or 15 minits.
>>> It
>>> uses evona tts joei and sally. It have calculator and compus bookmarks,
>>> and
>>> customizable hotkey set. Also alouw for copying/moving/deleting files.
>>> It
>>> have four gig internal memory and uses also sd hc carts. Extremely
>>> stable
>>> firmware and take ten seconds to upgrade firmware. Can also check for
>>> updates online. It have a large speaker on the top frunt, and sound
>>> louder
>>> than even ptp1. You can choose if you want it to remember the playback
>>> position of different content. Music, wich also include any playable
>>> audio,
>>> e-books and daisy.
>>> On 04/05/2017, john schwery <> wrote:
>>>> The Battery in my NLS player is down to around 8 hours, now.  I don't
>>>> know why they can't solve the battery life issue.
>>>> At 10:07 AM 5/4/2017, you wrote:
>>>>> I read quite a lot and while at home, in my opinion, nothing beats the
>>>>> NLS player, with its good sound, long-lasting battery, although the
>>>>> battery life, that begins at 40 hours, slowly degrades to about 16
>>>>> with prolonged use.  The Iphone of course, is also excellent for
>>>>> listening to BARD books, but with so many other apps on the Iphone and
>>>>> now with unlimited data, plus texting and the telephone itself, I
>>>>> prefer to also take the Milestone 312 for the books.
>>>>> The problem is that we are slowly  becoming pack horses, when you take
>>>>> into consideration that when travelling, I normally take my Iphone,
>>>>> Milestone, Olympus, ORCAM, laptop and CPap machine.
>>>>> Everything could be improved of course.  The NLS players could solve
>>>>> the battery-life issue plus add Bluetooth capability;  the Milestone
>>>>> could add Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and an antenna for the FM radio, for now it
>>>>> uses the wire of the headphones as antenna; the ORCAM should be able
>>>>> to save the text it scans,  etc.
>>>>> Regards,
>>>>> Humberto
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>>>>> From: Pc-audio
>>>>> [] On Behalf Of Hamit Campos
>>>>> Sent: Thursday, May 4, 2017 7:33 AM
>>>>> To: PC Audio Discussion List <>
>>>>> Subject: Re: Victor Reader Stream 2nd Generation
>>>>> Cool. Yes I've red that the new 1 has a radio. I'm glad it's so much
>>>>> better then my 311. So you'd say it's worth it then? Cause I've never
>>>>> seen 1 and wasn't sure how much of an upgrade it is. As for the NLS
>>>>> player. I too have 1. It's cool looking. Don't use it as often though.
>>>>> What with the app being on my phone.
>>>>> On 5/4/2017 2:03 AM, Humberto Rodriguez wrote:
>>>>>> Hello Hamit:
>>>>>> Yes, I do have the 312 and it is excellent,
>>>>> except as I said, that it does not have Wi-Fi.  I also have a VRS but
>>>>> one of the first generation.  I do not use the Milestone for
>>>>> recording except for emergencies, I have an Olympus DS-50 for that
>>>>> and I normally do not record stereo, mostly monoaural voice.
>>>>>> The Milestone 312 has a circular speaker with
>>>>> a grill in front, rather large for the size of the hardware, that
>>>>> plays excellent sound, albeit mono; to hear stereo you must use
>>>>> headphones, but either way the sound is remarkable for such a small
>>>>> player.  It also has FM radio.
>>>>>> I normally use the NLS player to listen to
>>>>> BARD books at home, but when travelling or otherwise away from home,
>>>>> use mostly my Milestone, I prefer it due to size and clarity of
>>>>> sound.
>>>>>> Regards,
>>>>>> Humberto
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>>>>>> From: Pc-audio
>>>>> [] On Behalf Of Hamit Campos
>>>>>> Sent: Wednesday, May 3, 2017 9:57 PM
>>>>>> To: PC Audio Discussion List <>
>>>>>> Subject: Re: Victor Reader Stream 2nd Generation
>>>>>> Ah do you have the 312? Cause I'm sure no one's meantioned the
>>>>>> MileStone cause of the yuck the 311 was. Epic fale that thing was.
>>>>>> This comming from someone who still has 1. I only brought it back
>>>>>> out cause my DM420 died. I only have the LS-14. It's no good for
>>>>>> podcasts as it doesn't hold your place and also if you turn the
>>>>>> sucker off it'll jump out of the folders. Wait why not use your
>>>>>> Strattus you ask? Yeah during the day sometimes I do. But again I'm
>>>>>> not a big fan of Victor Quality. I really wanted to replace my
>>>>>> trusty old PTR2 but BESB the bord of education and services for the
>>>>>> blind of Connecticut doesn't have a deal with IRTI no more
>>>>>> apparently. Oh wells. So what's the new mile stone like? Can you
>>>>>> send me a recording made with it? Especially if you've used stereo
>>>>>> mikes with it? Thanks.
>>>>>> On 5/3/2017 6:06 PM, Humberto Rodriguez wrote:
>>>>>>> I am amazed that during this long discussion
>>>>> nobody has mentioned the Milestone, that Swiss machine with great
>>>>> speaker sound that also plays NLS books and is much smaller than the
>>>>> VRS. Perhaps because it does not have Wi-Fi?
>>>>>>> Humberto
>>>>>>> Humberto Rodriguez
>>>>>>> Fort White, Florida
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>>>>>>> From: Pc-audio
>>>>> [] On Behalf Of Gary Schindler
>>>>>>> Sent: Wednesday, May 3, 2017 4:57 PM
>>>>>>> To: PC Audio Discussion List <>
>>>>>>> Subject: Re: Victor Reader Stream 2nd Generation
>>>>>>> Look on Amazon for the Lonve players. Best buy sells some MP3
>>>>>>> players with radios and recorders to in this price range,
>>>>> but unless you have some vision
>>>>>>> to read the menus they won't do you much
>>>>> good. They have a small speaker and
>>>>>>> a headphone jack that also serves as an external mic and auxiliary
>>>>>>> input.
>>>>>>> The players have repeat and shuffle and one can create folders
>>>>>>> too, not as good as the Olympus machines but it can be done if you
>>>>>>> have sight. If you don't have sight you pay handsomely for the
>>>>> ability to have accessibility to
>>>>>>> outmoded technology for a small niche market.
>>>>>>> If it wasn't for playing talking books I doubt most of us would be
>>>>>>> buying the Victor Streams or Bookports at all.
>>>>>>> -----Original Message-----
>>>>>>> From: Hamit Campos
>>>>>>> Sent: Wednesday, May 03, 2017 11:01 AM
>>>>>>> To: PC Audio Discussion List
>>>>>>> Subject: Re: Victor Reader Stream 2nd Generation
>>>>>>> What's this 40 $ MP3 and WAV recorder?
>>>>>>> On 5/3/2017 10:56 AM, Gary Schindler wrote:
>>>>>>>> Remember that the Victor stream was mostly meant to play talking
>>>>>>>> books with a few features added for convenience. actually you can
>>>>>>>> get an
>>>>>>>> MP3
>>>>>>>> player recorder for around $40.00 that has
>>>>> a better sounding speaker in it
>>>>>>>> and records MP3 and wave files much better,
>>>>> but the caveat is that you are
>>>>>>>> paying for accessible menus with the stream.
>>>>>>>> The Hims may be a better all around unit,
>>>>> but it costs twice as much money
>>>>>>>> as the stream.
>>>>>>>> Humanware was the first to come out with a machine that played
>>>>>>>> bard books even before NLS. Let's put everything in to context.
>>>>>>>> -----Original Message----- From: Chris Skarstad
>>>>>>>> Sent: Wednesday, May 03, 2017 9:05 AM
>>>>>>>> To:
>>>>>>>> Subject: Re: Victor Reader Stream 2nd Generation
>>>>>>>> I think that's just the point.  If you're a real audiofile who
>>>>>>>> enjoys high end audio from a device, and you're really picky
>>>>>>>> about how stuff sounds, the VR stream ain't for you.  Despite all
>>>>>>>> the bad press the player has gotten here, i'll still purchase one
>>>>>>>> in the next few days and report my findings.  I do think
>>>>>>>> Bluetooth functionality is something that is lacking and needs to
>>>>>>>> be in a future update.  If some of the other specialized players
>>>>>>>> can have it, so can the stream.  But i'm buying it, fully aware
>>>>>>>> of this and I'm certainly ok with it.
>>>>>>>> I'll also report on the speed of downloading books via online
>>>>>>>> services like BARD.  I can always download the books manually and
>>>>>>>> put them on the stream that way.  It's good to know there are
>>>>>>>> multiple ways of getting a particular job like that done.
>>>>>>>> On 5/3/2017 8:58 AM, Hamit Campos wrote:
>>>>>>>>> Ah well The Victors are more player anyways then recorder. The
>>>>>>>>> Plextalk Pocket is the thing ya want if ya want a recorder.
>>>>>>>>> On 5/3/2017 5:14 AM, Dane Trethowan wrote:
>>>>>>>>>> Ah okay so that problem still exists then? I was given to
>>>>>>>>>> understand that later firmware updates had fixed this.
>>>>>>>>>> Too late to try that here now <smile>.
>>>>>>>>>>> On 3 May 2017, at 6:44 pm, Tim Noonan <>
>>>>>>>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>> Sadly, the Stream Mic or line in creates very audible
>>>>>>>>>>> artefacts or whistles in recordings. Otherwise the stream
>>>>>>>>>>> would be a reasonable all-purpose player/recorder.
>>>>>>>>>>>        Regards
>>>>>>>>>>> Tim
>>>>>>>>>>> On 3 May 2017, at 6:02 pm, Dane Trethowan
>>>>>>>>>>> <>
>>>>>>>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>> I didn’t try the line-in recording function though I did
>>>>>>>>>>> note that - using this function - one can record to PCM Wave
>>>>>>>>>>> files at 44.1KHZ so surely this should be reasonable.
>>>>>>>>>>> So if one really wanted to do high
>>>>> quality recordings one could use the
>>>>>>>>>>> line-in method and buy suitable equipment to take full
>>>>>>>>>>> advantage.
>>>>>>>>>>>> On 3 May 2017, at 5:43 pm, Jamie Kelly <>
>>>>>>>>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>>> The recording quality is ok for notes and meetings but not of
>>>>>>>>>>>> high broadcast quality as with the bookport plus or Plextor
>>>>>>>>>>>> Pocket range.
>>>>>>>>>>>> Jamie
>>>>>>>>>>>> -----Original Message-----
>>>>>>>>>>>> From: Pc-audio [] On
>>>>>>>>>>>> Behalf Of Dane Trethowan
>>>>>>>>>>>> Sent: Wednesday, 3 May 2017 4:47 PM
>>>>>>>>>>>> To: PC Audio Discussion List <>
>>>>>>>>>>>> Subject: Re: Victor Reader Stream 2nd Generation
>>>>>>>>>>>> Yep, convenient may be but the unit
>>>>> does have its limitations as we’ve
>>>>>>>>>>>> discussed here, the Wi-Fi connectivity
>>>>> being a very serious limitation
>>>>>>>>>>>> and - given the speed of the Wi-Fi -
>>>>> one wouldn’t really want to try
>>>>>>>>>>>> and download a good quality audio stream.
>>>>>>>>>>>> And again we come to that bloody awful internal speaker.
>>>>>>>>>>>> Another interesting point and its not critical just an
>>>>>>>>>>>> observation, I wonder why Human ware didn’t include
>>>>> the ability to be able to browse
>>>>>>>>>>>> NAS storage devices or other computers on a network for files?
>>>>>>>>>>>> Just
>>>>>>>>>>>> about every other device I know of
>>>>> these days - that can play Internet
>>>>>>>>>>>> radio stations - haas this handy feature which and I reckon
>>>>>>>>>>>> it would be an absolute boom! for users of a VR Stream.
>>>>>>>>>>>> Perhaps I’m talking about a future VR
>>>>> Stream update though hHumanware
>>>>>>>>>>>> take my advice, don’t make the update too big or it will
>>>>>>>>>>>> take until Christmas for the VR Stream users to download
>>>>>>>>>>>> <smile>.
>>>>>>>>>>>> Regarding my own streaM/ Its found a good home so I’m happy
>>>>>>>>>>>> about that.
>>>>>>>>>>>>> On 2 May 2017, at 4:34 am, Peter Scanlon <>
>>>>>>>>>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>>>> I love my Victor Stream.
>>>>>>>>>>>>> The best thing about it is how easy it is to listen to and
>>>>>>>>>>>>> locate internet radio stations.
>>>>>>>>>>>>> -----Original Message-----
>>>>>>>>>>>>> From: Pc-audio [] On
>>>>>>>>>>>>> Behalf Of Hamit Campos
>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sent: Tuesday, 2 May 2017 3:07 AM
>>>>>>>>>>>>> To: PC Audio Discussion List <>
>>>>>>>>>>>>> Subject: Re: Victor Reader Stream 2nd Generation
>>>>>>>>>>>>> Yeah I've not heard this before either. But perhaps other
>>>>>>>>>>>>> people either didn't have the issue or they just axepted it.
>>>>>>>>>>>>> On 5/1/2017 12:59 PM, Chris Skarstad wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I'll be purchasing one of these very
>>>>> soon, so will be able to report
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> on it when i get it.  I have a super-fast connection with
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Verizon Fios, so downloading books manually and transfering
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> them to the player won't be an issue if the
>>>>> download speeds on the player are as
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> slow as some of you guys say they are.  I'm kind of shocked
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> that this is just now coming up, as the new
>>>>> generation stream has been out for
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> some time now.  I thought this would've been mentioned
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> sooner, but maybe I skipped over it as I wasn't in the
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> market for one at that time, i'm not sure. I'll certainly
>>>>> let you guys know my experiences.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> On 5/1/2017 12:41 PM, Evan Reese wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> As to slow downloading of data, I
>>>>> have noticed with ours, and those
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> of some friends, that it doesn't seem to have a great
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> wi-fi transceiver in it. Even when I'm close to my router,
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> it usually says that reception is poor.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Other than that, you are right, a lot of functionality in
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> that little package.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Evan
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> -----Original Message----- From: Dane Trethowan
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sent: Monday, May 01, 2017 10:24 AM
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> To: PC Audio Discussion List
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Subject: Victor Reader Stream 2nd Generation
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Hi!
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I just bought one of these units and would like to make
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> comment on my purchase.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Firstly I think that the unit does a brilliant job for
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> what it is in most respects.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The sound from the internal speaker is a little muffled
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> however
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> -
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> having already heard a VR Stream - I
>>>>> was already prepared for this,
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> a bit of an annoyance one might say so to overcome this I
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> use a small BUniden hand-held amplified battery speaker
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I've had for years, cost me $25 about 7 years ago, pity
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the Stream doesn't have Bluetooth but I guess a product
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> can't have everythint.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Now I don't know whether this is my unit in particular but
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I have noticed that the downloading of data seems to be
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> incredibly slow compared to other devices I have on my
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> network, I used the "Check for Updates" function and -
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> according to that - the firmware is up to date, well at
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> least the data does get downloaded I guess.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> There's a hell of a lot of functionality packed into the
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> VR Stream box and a lot of this - such as the
>>>>> Internet Radio, podcasts and so
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> forth - I won't bother using - given I already have better
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> solutions for that sort of thing - but for those who don't
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the VR Stream provides a great entry level to the world of
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Internet Radio and Podcasting.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Getting online with the Vision Australia library was a
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> snap so I downlaoded a couple of books.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Again, I have other Apps and so forth which I prefer to
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> use myself but the Stream is convenient for reading, no
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> doubt about that even though I read all my newspapers
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> these days straight from the web site its good to know I
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> have a reliable backup.
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