Well I can understand your point. Price is an issue when it comes to the VRS 2.

I'm just glad it has been around for my own personal entertainment needs. I keep it plugged up and on 24/7 wired up to my trusty Magic Box II mini speaker via the 3.5 jack. Hasn't let me down yet.

If another audio player does hit the market that offers similar accessibility functionality that rivals the VRS 2. And it has Bluetooth capability, 32 - 64 GB of internal storage and provides propriotory apps to use some parts of Twitter and Facebook.... I would pay a small fortune for it!

Hopefully Humanware or another company will improve on the VRS 2 in the very near future.

At 02:39 PM 5/8/2017, you wrote:
Kenni, It does not allow for online downloading of those books,
because its not mainly pushed to the US market and podcast need some
work, but what it can do, it can do very well. What is also the use of
having a player wich will alouw you to search data bases and download
bookshare and such but then they not always commited to the player? Or
they use bad hardware and make you pay fru your neck? This player is
3000 rand and not r7000 rand like the stream currently.

On 08/05/2017, Hamit Campos <hamitcam...@gmail.com> wrote:
> What do you mean by report for them? Well obviously they won't do
> nothing about the PTR1 as it technically doesn't exist anymore. But yeah
> the PTR2 maybe. Thing is to get an updated list of cards. Cause the ones
> on the site are the 2006 ones.
> On 5/7/2017 3:58 AM, Aidan wrote:
>> Perhaps you should report for plextalk and see if they can help you
>> testing.
>> On 06/05/2017, Hamit Campos <hamitcam...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Who are Andre and Anthony? As for the PTR2 it is epic. I'm just saying
>>> that before 1 buys 1 cause you can still buy 1 if you wish. But before
>>> ya do so I think it's best to borrow 1 from a homy which is the gangsta
>>> word for friend and try some CF cards. See if it doesn't do like the
>>> PTR1. Or maybe it's mi PTR1 that has the issue. Cause like I said mine
>>> has rejected 3 CF cards in a row. That's something like 30 dolars down
>>> the John. I don't know why it's being so dam picky all of the sudden.
>>> On 5/6/2017 8:45 AM, Aidan wrote:
>>>> Andre, Anthony and his team cell them since last year.
>>>> Hamit, you so rite, I would love to try out the ptr2 and I think its
>>>> put together very well, but yes the hardware is a big show stopper,
>>>> and you will be better off with bookport dt from APH if you want to go
>>>> that root. I cannot compare drive of ptn2 with ptn1 as I did not
>>>> experience ptn1, but I think it will be better since one of the
>>>> firmware updates did address issues with the drive.
>>>> On 06/05/2017, André van Deventer <andred...@webafrica.org.za> wrote:
>>>>> Now where will you get this little player since Neville retired?
>>>>> -----Original Message-----
>>>>> From: Pc-audio [mailto:pc-audio-boun...@pc-audio.org] On Behalf Of
>>>>> Aidan
>>>>> Sent: Friday, May 5, 2017 7:39 PM
>>>>> To: PC Audio Discussion List
>>>>> Subject: Re: Victor Reader Stream 2nd Generation
>>>>> Well, I think that humanware really like to give us quite crappy
>>>>> hardware
>>>>> and then we pay fru our nek for what? I love my stream, but I agree
>>>>> that
>>>>> PlexTalk do a much better job with hardware. The stream wifi chip is
>>>>> really
>>>>> not that good. I would love to get a milestone, I think I would like
>>>>> the
>>>>> 212
>>>>> as it sfor voice and music mostly, as I have enough players with more
>>>>> in
>>>>> a
>>>>> package.
>>>>> I have both ptp1 and ptn2, wich have great speakers as said.
>>>>> I just think that PlexTalk should make their devices faster and update
>>>>> it
>>>>> more, then I can support them 100%. But the player I enjoy a lot now
>>>>> is
>>>>> the
>>>>> evo e 10 from vin-vision. They a china baste company but they really
>>>>> do
>>>>> great work.
>>>>> The player have wifi, and its very strong, and the hardware in general
>>>>> is
>>>>> very good. It don't have a full keypad though, so you do most things
>>>>> with
>>>>> the up, down, left and write and enter, but it have the most features
>>>>> of
>>>>> all.
>>>>> Both fm radio and internet radio, podcast ability, recorder, and soon
>>>>> will
>>>>> hopefully be able to record internet radio also. Five alarms, voice
>>>>> memos,
>>>>> voice reminders, (similar to the notepad on ptr2) The recorder is
>>>>> actually
>>>>> so loud when recording from external sorces or radio that you need to
>>>>> set
>>>>> recording volume to 1 or 2, and the nice thing about it is that if
>>>>> something
>>>>> is very soft, then you can make it louder to record better.
>>>>> Also have noise gate. Not to high quality bitrates, but the most used
>>>>> are
>>>>> there. It even have time announcements on hour or hafr hour or 15
>>>>> minits.
>>>>> It
>>>>> uses evona tts joei and sally. It have calculator and compus
>>>>> bookmarks,
>>>>> and
>>>>> customizable hotkey set. Also alouw for copying/moving/deleting files.
>>>>> It
>>>>> have four gig internal memory and uses also sd hc carts. Extremely
>>>>> stable
>>>>> firmware and take ten seconds to upgrade firmware. Can also check for
>>>>> updates online. It have a large speaker on the top frunt, and sound
>>>>> louder
>>>>> than even ptp1. You can choose if you want it to remember the playback
>>>>> position of different content. Music, wich also include any playable
>>>>> audio,
>>>>> e-books and daisy.
>>>>> On 04/05/2017, john schwery <jschw...@centurylink.net> wrote:
>>>>>> The Battery in my NLS player is down to around 8 hours, now.  I don't
>>>>>> know why they can't solve the battery life issue.
>>>>>> At 10:07 AM 5/4/2017, you wrote:
>>>>>>> I read quite a lot and while at home, in my opinion, nothing beats
>>>>>>> the
>>>>>>> NLS player, with its good sound, long-lasting battery, although the
>>>>>>> battery life, that begins at 40 hours, slowly degrades to about 16
>>>>>>> with prolonged use.  The Iphone of course, is also excellent for
>>>>>>> listening to BARD books, but with so many other apps on the Iphone
>>>>>>> and
>>>>>>> now with unlimited data, plus texting and the telephone itself, I
>>>>>>> prefer to also take the Milestone 312 for the books.
>>>>>>> The problem is that we are slowly  becoming pack horses, when you
>>>>>>> take
>>>>>>> into consideration that when travelling, I normally take my Iphone,
>>>>>>> Milestone, Olympus, ORCAM, laptop and CPap machine.
>>>>>>> Everything could be improved of course.  The NLS players could solve
>>>>>>> the battery-life issue plus add Bluetooth capability;  the Milestone
>>>>>>> could add Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and an antenna for the FM radio, for now
>>>>>>> it
>>>>>>> uses the wire of the headphones as antenna; the ORCAM should be able
>>>>>>> to save the text it scans,  etc.
>>>>>>> Regards,
>>>>>>> Humberto
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>>>>>>> From: Pc-audio
>>>>>>> [mailto:pc-audio-boun...@pc-audio.org] On Behalf Of Hamit Campos
>>>>>>> Sent: Thursday, May 4, 2017 7:33 AM
>>>>>>> To: PC Audio Discussion List <pc-audio@pc-audio.org>
>>>>>>> Subject: Re: Victor Reader Stream 2nd Generation
>>>>>>> Cool. Yes I've red that the new 1 has a radio. I'm glad it's so much
>>>>>>> better then my 311. So you'd say it's worth it then? Cause I've
>>>>>>> never
>>>>>>> seen 1 and wasn't sure how much of an upgrade it is. As for the NLS
>>>>>>> player. I too have 1. It's cool looking. Don't use it as often
>>>>>>> though.
>>>>>>> What with the app being on my phone.
>>>>>>> On 5/4/2017 2:03 AM, Humberto Rodriguez wrote:
>>>>>>>> Hello Hamit:
>>>>>>>> Yes, I do have the 312 and it is excellent,
>>>>>>> except as I said, that it does not have Wi-Fi.  I also have a VRS
>>>>>>> but
>>>>>>> one of the first generation.  I do not use the Milestone for
>>>>>>> recording except for emergencies, I have an Olympus DS-50 for that
>>>>>>> and I normally do not record stereo, mostly monoaural voice.
>>>>>>>> The Milestone 312 has a circular speaker with
>>>>>>> a grill in front, rather large for the size of the hardware, that
>>>>>>> plays excellent sound, albeit mono; to hear stereo you must use
>>>>>>> headphones, but either way the sound is remarkable for such a small
>>>>>>> player.  It also has FM radio.
>>>>>>>> I normally use the NLS player to listen to
>>>>>>> BARD books at home, but when travelling or otherwise away from home,
>>>>>>> use mostly my Milestone, I prefer it due to size and clarity of
>>>>>>> sound.
>>>>>>>> Regards,
>>>>>>>> Humberto
>>>>>>>> -----Original Message-----
>>>>>>>> From: Pc-audio
>>>>>>> [mailto:pc-audio-boun...@pc-audio.org] On Behalf Of Hamit Campos
>>>>>>>> Sent: Wednesday, May 3, 2017 9:57 PM
>>>>>>>> To: PC Audio Discussion List <pc-audio@pc-audio.org>
>>>>>>>> Subject: Re: Victor Reader Stream 2nd Generation
>>>>>>>> Ah do you have the 312? Cause I'm sure no one's meantioned the
>>>>>>>> MileStone cause of the yuck the 311 was. Epic fale that thing was.
>>>>>>>> This comming from someone who still has 1. I only brought it back
>>>>>>>> out cause my DM420 died. I only have the LS-14. It's no good for
>>>>>>>> podcasts as it doesn't hold your place and also if you turn the
>>>>>>>> sucker off it'll jump out of the folders. Wait why not use your
>>>>>>>> Strattus you ask? Yeah during the day sometimes I do. But again I'm
>>>>>>>> not a big fan of Victor Quality. I really wanted to replace my
>>>>>>>> trusty old PTR2 but BESB the bord of education and services for the
>>>>>>>> blind of Connecticut doesn't have a deal with IRTI no more
>>>>>>>> apparently. Oh wells. So what's the new mile stone like? Can you
>>>>>>>> send me a recording made with it? Especially if you've used stereo
>>>>>>>> mikes with it? Thanks.
>>>>>>>> On 5/3/2017 6:06 PM, Humberto Rodriguez wrote:
>>>>>>>>> I am amazed that during this long discussion
>>>>>>> nobody has mentioned the Milestone, that Swiss machine with great
>>>>>>> speaker sound that also plays NLS books and is much smaller than the
>>>>>>> VRS. Perhaps because it does not have Wi-Fi?
>>>>>>>>> Humberto
>>>>>>>>> Humberto Rodriguez
>>>>>>>>> Fort White, Florida
>>>>>>>>> -----Original Message-----
>>>>>>>>> From: Pc-audio
>>>>>>> [mailto:pc-audio-boun...@pc-audio.org] On Behalf Of Gary Schindler
>>>>>>>>> Sent: Wednesday, May 3, 2017 4:57 PM
>>>>>>>>> To: PC Audio Discussion List <pc-audio@pc-audio.org>
>>>>>>>>> Subject: Re: Victor Reader Stream 2nd Generation
>>>>>>>>> Look on Amazon for the Lonve players. Best buy sells some MP3
>>>>>>>>> players with radios and recorders to in this price range,
>>>>>>> but unless you have some vision
>>>>>>>>> to read the menus they won't do you much
>>>>>>> good. They have a small speaker and
>>>>>>>>> a headphone jack that also serves as an external mic and auxiliary
>>>>>>>>> input.
>>>>>>>>> The players have repeat and shuffle and one can create folders
>>>>>>>>> too, not as good as the Olympus machines but it can be done if you
>>>>>>>>> have sight. If you don't have sight you pay handsomely for the
>>>>>>> ability to have accessibility to
>>>>>>>>> outmoded technology for a small niche market.
>>>>>>>>> If it wasn't for playing talking books I doubt most of us would be
>>>>>>>>> buying the Victor Streams or Bookports at all.
>>>>>>>>> -----Original Message-----
>>>>>>>>> From: Hamit Campos
>>>>>>>>> Sent: Wednesday, May 03, 2017 11:01 AM
>>>>>>>>> To: PC Audio Discussion List
>>>>>>>>> Subject: Re: Victor Reader Stream 2nd Generation
>>>>>>>>> What's this 40 $ MP3 and WAV recorder?
>>>>>>>>> On 5/3/2017 10:56 AM, Gary Schindler wrote:
>>>>>>>>>> Remember that the Victor stream was mostly meant to play talking
>>>>>>>>>> books with a few features added for convenience. actually you can
>>>>>>>>>> get an
>>>>>>>>>> MP3
>>>>>>>>>> player recorder for around $40.00 that has
>>>>>>> a better sounding speaker in it
>>>>>>>>>> and records MP3 and wave files much better,
>>>>>>> but the caveat is that you are
>>>>>>>>>> paying for accessible menus with the stream.
>>>>>>>>>> The Hims may be a better all around unit,
>>>>>>> but it costs twice as much money
>>>>>>>>>> as the stream.
>>>>>>>>>> Humanware was the first to come out with a machine that played
>>>>>>>>>> bard books even before NLS. Let's put everything in to context.
>>>>>>>>>> -----Original Message----- From: Chris Skarstad
>>>>>>>>>> Sent: Wednesday, May 03, 2017 9:05 AM
>>>>>>>>>> To: pc-audio@pc-audio.org
>>>>>>>>>> Subject: Re: Victor Reader Stream 2nd Generation
>>>>>>>>>> I think that's just the point.  If you're a real audiofile who
>>>>>>>>>> enjoys high end audio from a device, and you're really picky
>>>>>>>>>> about how stuff sounds, the VR stream ain't for you.  Despite all
>>>>>>>>>> the bad press the player has gotten here, i'll still purchase one
>>>>>>>>>> in the next few days and report my findings.  I do think
>>>>>>>>>> Bluetooth functionality is something that is lacking and needs to
>>>>>>>>>> be in a future update.  If some of the other specialized players
>>>>>>>>>> can have it, so can the stream.  But i'm buying it, fully aware
>>>>>>>>>> of this and I'm certainly ok with it.
>>>>>>>>>> I'll also report on the speed of downloading books via online
>>>>>>>>>> services like BARD.  I can always download the books manually and
>>>>>>>>>> put them on the stream that way.  It's good to know there are
>>>>>>>>>> multiple ways of getting a particular job like that done.
>>>>>>>>>> On 5/3/2017 8:58 AM, Hamit Campos wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>> Ah well The Victors are more player anyways then recorder. The
>>>>>>>>>>> Plextalk Pocket is the thing ya want if ya want a recorder.
>>>>>>>>>>> On 5/3/2017 5:14 AM, Dane Trethowan wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>>> Ah okay so that problem still exists then? I was given to
>>>>>>>>>>>> understand that later firmware updates had fixed this.
>>>>>>>>>>>> Too late to try that here now <smile>.
>>>>>>>>>>>>> On 3 May 2017, at 6:44 pm, Tim Noonan <t...@timnoonan.com.au>
>>>>>>>>>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sadly, the Stream Mic or line in creates very audible
>>>>>>>>>>>>> artefacts or whistles in recordings. Otherwise the stream
>>>>>>>>>>>>> would be a reasonable all-purpose player/recorder.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>         Regards
>>>>>>>>>>>>> Tim
>>>>>>>>>>>>> On 3 May 2017, at 6:02 pm, Dane Trethowan
>>>>>>>>>>>>> <grtd...@internode.on.net>
>>>>>>>>>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>>>> I didn’t try the line-in recording funfunction though I did
>>>>>>>>>>>>> note that - using this function - one can record to PCM Wave
>>>>>>>>>>>>> files at 44.1KHZ so surely this should be reasonable.
>>>>>>>>>>>>> So if one really wanted to do high
>>>>>>> quality recordings one could use the
>>>>>>>>>>>>> line-in method and buy suitable equipment to take full
>>>>>>>>>>>>> advantage.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> On 3 May 2017, at 5:43 pm, Jamie Kelly <otrja...@gmail.com>
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The recording quality is ok for notes and meetings but not of
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> high broadcast quality as with the bookport plus or Plextor
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Pocket range.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Jamie
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> -----Original Message-----
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> From: Pc-audio [mailto:pc-audio-boun...@pc-audio.org] On
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Behalf Of Dane Trethowan
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sent: Wednesday, 3 May 2017 4:47 PM
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> To: PC Audio Discussion List <pc-audio@pc-audio.org>
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Subject: Re: Victor Reader Stream 2nd Generation
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Yep, convenient may be but the unit
>>>>>>> does have its limitations as we’ve
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> discussed here, the Wi-Fi connectivity
>>>>>>> being a very serious limitation
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> and - given the speed of the Wi-Fi -
>>>>>>> one wouldn’t really want to try
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> and download a good quality audio stream.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> And again we come to that bloody awful internal speaker.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Another interesting point and its not critical just an
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> observation, I wonder why Human ware didnâ€â™t include
>>>>>>> the ability to be able to browse
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> NAS storage devices or other computers on a network for
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> files?
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Just
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> about every other device I know of
>>>>>>> these days - that can play Internet
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> radio stations - haas this handy feature which and I reckon
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> it would be an absolute boom! for users of a VR Stream.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Perhaps I’m talking about a future VR
>>>>>>> Stream update though hHumanware
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> take my advice, don’t make the updateate too big or it will
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> take until Christmas for the VR Stream users to download
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <smile>.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Regarding my own streaM/ Its found a good home so I’m happy
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> about that.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> On 2 May 2017, at 4:34 am, Peter Scanlon <sca...@tpg.com.au>
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I love my Victor Stream.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The best thing about it is how easy it is to listen to and
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> locate internet radio stations.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> -----Original Message-----
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> From: Pc-audio [mailto:pc-audio-boun...@pc-audio.org] On
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Behalf Of Hamit Campos
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sent: Tuesday, 2 May 2017 3:07 AM
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> To: PC Audio Discussion List <pc-audio@pc-audio.org>
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Subject: Re: Victor Reader Stream 2nd Generation
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Yeah I've not heard this before either. But perhaps other
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> people either didn't have the issue or they just axepted it.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> On 5/1/2017 12:59 PM, Chris Skarstad wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I'll be purchasing one of these very
>>>>>>> soon, so will be able to report
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> on it when i get it.  I have a super-fast connection with
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Verizon Fios, so downloading books manually and transfering
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> them to the player won't be an issue if the
>>>>>>> download speeds on the player are as
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> slow as some of you guys say they are.  I'm kind of shocked
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> that this is just now coming up, as the new
>>>>>>> generation stream has been out for
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> some time now.  I thought this would've been mentioned
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> sooner, but maybe I skipped over it as I wasn't in the
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> market for one at that time, i'm not sure. I'll certainly
>>>>>>> let you guys know my experiences.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> On 5/1/2017 12:41 PM, Evan Reese wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> As to slow downloading of data, I
>>>>>>> have noticed with ours, and those
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> of some friends, that it doesn't seem to have a great
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> wi-fi transceiver in it. Even when I'm close to my router,
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> it usually says that reception is poor.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Other than that, you are right, a lot of functionality in
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> that little package.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Evan
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> -----Original Message----- From: Dane Trethowan
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sent: Monday, May 01, 2017 10:24 AM
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> To: PC Audio Discussion List
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Subject: Victor Reader Stream 2nd Generation
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Hi!
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I just bought one of these units and would like to make
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> comment on my purchase.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Firstly I think that the unit does a brilliant job for
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> what it is in most respects.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The sound from the internal speaker is a little muffled
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> however
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> -
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> having already heard a VR Stream - I
>>>>>>> was already prepared for this,
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> a bit of an annoyance one might say so to overcome this I
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> use a small BUniden hand-held amplified battery speaker
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I've had for years, cost me $25 about 7 years ago, pity
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the Stream doesn't have Bluetooth but I guess a product
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> can't have everythint.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Now I don't know whether this is my unit in particular but
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I have noticed that the downloading of data seems to be
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> incredibly slow compared to other devices I have on my
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> network, I used the "Check for Updates" function and -
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> according to that - the firmware is up to date, well at
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> least the data does get downloaded I guess.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> There's a hell of a lot of functionality packed into the
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> VR Stream box and a lot of this - such as the
>>>>>>> Internet Radio, podcasts and so
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> forth - I won't bother using - given I already have better
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> solutions for that sort of thing - but for those who don't
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the VR Stream provides a great entry level to the world of
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Internet Radio and Podcasting.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Getting online with the Vision Australia library was a
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> snap so I downlaoded a couple of books.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Again, I have other Apps and so forth which I prefer to
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> use myself but the Stream is convenient for reading, no
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> doubt about that even though I read all my newspapers
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> these days straight from the web site its good to know I
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> have a reliable backup.
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