Here's an abstraction for computing a symmetric cross-covariance, this
way.  It outputs the cross-covariance, xcov(k)=sum(i=-32,...,31;
It's still pretty ugly, and the details of the math confuse me a bit.
I'm still working on the one-sided cross covariance function for
delays, like from [0,63] instead of [-32,31]

and here's the same thing except it's a forward cross-covariance,
called fxcov~.pd
It's pretty much the same thing (up to a certain point), but as I've
discovered, using xcov to calculate PSD and CSD for deconvolution can
be tricky (even when it's a full rank system).  There's a big diff
between symmetric and forward cross-covariance in this respect.  None
of my reverberation measurement patches ever worked completely due to
audio dropouts and badly formatted problems (I'm still working on it).
The fxcov~ patch contains some math for your comparison.


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