I've never had a good handle on what folks want either. "it'll look good over 
the couch" is something that does not resonate with me. So when I had the 
opportunity to participate in a print sale, I picked photos that I liked and 
put them up for sale. My tastes are often considered a bit odd, but I managed 
quite a few print sales anyway... 

It's very hard to know what's going to sell at print sales. I look at photos on 
sale at various local shows and see nothing I would buy, but I see dozens of 
people carrying those prints home. It's perplexing.


> On Jun 15, 2017, at 4:53 PM, Larry Colen <l...@red4est.com> wrote:
> Thanks Paul, also Godfrey, Bob and everyone who looked.
> When I started matting photos, it was just to put a bunch in a box at a 
> friend's store, so they were mostly selected from photos that had cycled out 
> of my "show off" album.  Now I have to actually go and choose some more based 
> on "most likely to sell", and I'm pretty clueless on that.
> I wish I could more easily see how many of which print I've done at Costco, 
> because that would tell me (to a first approximation) which ones people most 
> often selected as gifts.

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