I work on files for our library and i need some help.

I have one file with all biblio records and one with items. A biblio record
can have one or more than one item.

First operation: i want to compare the two files and the identifier is the
field 001. I want to have th results in two separates files

1st: all the items which have the same 001 field like in the biblio record

2nd: all the items which have not the same 001 field like in the biblio

Second operation: In my item files, all items of  a same biblio record have
the same 001 field but they are all separated. I'd like to join all the
items under only one 001 field

After, with the new file, i want to merge with biblio record and if i find
2 identical 001, i attached the items on the biblio record

Third operation: how can i correct some data bad encoded. It's due to the
old database which doesn't respect UTF8.

I am convinced that's it's a bit hard to understand. I join the biblio and
item files (example) and a summary of what i want.

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