I have uploaded version 1.34 of MARC::Charset to CPAN.  This is a minor
bugfix and portability release.  Changes from 1.33 are:

- RT#83257: use AnyDBM_File rather than hardcode GDBM_File

  To improve portability, use AnyDBM_File to select a DBM
  rather than rely on GDBM_File.  GDBM_File apparently used
  to be a core module, but not all distributions included it,
  particularly OS X.  In any event, GDBM_File is no longer

  This patch also includes a tweak to allow MARC::Charset to
  work with NDBM_File and ODBM_File, neither of which
  support 'exists'.

  I've tested MARC::Charset successfully on the following

  - GDBM_File
  - DB_File
  - NDBM_File
  - ODBM_File
  - SDBM_File

  This is also my preferred order; SDBM_File is selected last
  because it produces the biggest data file on disk.

- RT#38912: fix mapping of double diacritics (ligature and double
  Thanks to Thomas P. Ventimiglia for the bug report and test case.


Galen Charlton

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