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> I have isolated a number of problem records. They all contain diacritics,
> but they do not have an "a" in position #9 of the leader --
> http://dh.crc.nd.edu/tmp/original.marc  Can someone verify that the file
> contains UTF-8 characters for me?

I've eyeballed it and confirm that the encoding of that file is UTF-8.

For these same records I have also added an "a" in position #9 and created
> a similar file -- http://dh.crc.nd.edu/tmp/fixed.marc

I've looked this over as well.

> Is it true that original.marc is not denoted correctly, but fixed.marc is
> denoted correctly?

Yes.  The Leader/09 must be set to 'a' if the character encoding in use is


Galen Charlton

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